When the Curiosity project started we knew that there was funding for a little more than 2 years but there was a hope that more funding could become available to continue building and improving exhibits. It became apparent midway through 2012 that this was not going to happen so we started making preparations for the close down of the workshop and now in November 2012 we have just about cleared out the space.

Enough room to swing a dead cat!

The project has been great fun to be part of and it’s really rewarding to see the public using the interactives that started out as scribbles on a piece of paper – what seems like an age ago.

Now it’s the academics turn! There will be lot’s of interest and evaluation of how people use the interactives and the gallery as a whole in the future i’m sure. People are still divided over the ‘Gallery without labels’ topic and hopefully curiosity, over time, will go some way to silencing the nay sayers.

Not sure if and when there will be another entry but thanks for reading, hope you’ve enjoyed it and if haven’t been down to the Center for Life already please come down.