Despite the fact that the Curiosity Gallery opened all that time ago in May, it has only been in the last few weeks that the final two exhibits have made it onto the floor. Unlike with other exhibits these two will not have time on the Exhibition floor for evaluation and then come back to the workshop to have any adjustments made as we previously could.

The Timer and Jump Ramps in the Curiosity Gallery.

The first to make it across the road was Ramps: two different profiled ramps, a building table and a small mountain of Lego made up this replacement exhibit. After the conclusive results of the Advisor session the two ramps that we carried forward are the timing ramp and the jump ramp, giving people a good contrast to trial their different vehicles.

The ramps needed a bit of changing from the original evaluation design including making the angle of the timing ramp a little less steep so we would get times of over one second and making one big jump instead of a roller coaster effect. We decided to use Lego as our final building material rather than kit cars as it something that people are very familiar with and any easy resource to replace.

Air Power and the building table in the Curiosity Gallery

Then last but definitely not least there is Air Power and so far this has been a roaring success with all ages. At our evaluation we trialled two different versions: the updraft table and ‘air plumbing’ so that we could see which would be the most successful. From a previous post you will know that in the end we decided to build our very own wind/updraft table that would allow users to create and adapt their own floating mechanisms. In the first week since it has been on the floor we have seen a range of varying different mechanisms that allow the builder to see how air reacts with the objects it flows through.

The loose resource issue is of course the main concern now that it is on the floor and we can see how quickly they are used. The other issue that has become apparent is that the air flow of this exhibit is being vastly changed by the very loose resources needed to make it fun. This exhibit is never going to look the neatest but it has definitely become one of our favourites to play on and experiment with!